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Monday, 31 May 2010

And, How Long from Throttle to Bottle?

In this episode the crew discusses IFR checkride preparation. Topics include checklist mnemonics - WIRE, the 6 (or 7) Ts, GRABCARD, Preparing for IFR Orals, what to expect during an IFR checkride. Looking out the window on the VOR/DME-B Arc into Burley, ID. You can see why you might want to have the right VOR tuned in when you fly this approach.

VOR-DME-B Arc into Burley, ID

This episode we begin a new segement on product reviews - MikeStuew recently acquired a Brightline Flight Bag. It is a great alternative to Louis Vuitton or Crown Royal bags or Naugahide. The Bright Line has pockets for nearly everything and is extremely well designed for access either in the seat next to you or behind you. Bright Line Flight Bags

Episode Links
IFR mnemonics - http://www.dauntless-soft.com/products/Freebies/Mnemonics

FAA PDF Manuals Online - http://www.faa.gov/library/manuals

Bright Line Bags - http://www.brightlinebags.com

1940 Air Terminal - http://www.1940airterminal.org

Plane Crazy Down Under - http://www.planecrazydownunder.com

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Monday, 26 Apr 2010

In this episode the crew discusses MikeStuew's IFR flight planning for his epic journey to Texas. Also, CFIStew relives several of his Lost Comm experiences. PilotStu starts to get the hang of Lazy Eights, and uses every spare minute to use an iPhone/iPod Touch app for knowledge test study.

MikeStuew plans his 20 hour flight to and from Texas

FAA Test Prep software for the iPhone and iPod Touch by Lima Sky. Versions are available for private, instrument, commercial, and Helicopter.

CFIStew describes two of his lost-comm experiences.

CFIStew also describes his New Media approach to ground instruction.

Episode Links
http://www.airnav.com/airport/KTEX - Telluride, CO airport data on AirNav.com

http://www.airnav.com/airport/KDTO - Denton, TX airport data on AirNav.com

http://limasky.com - Lima Sky, FAA Test Prep apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

http://girlswithwings.com - Girls With Wings, Women in Aviation Role Models for Girls

http://airspeedonline.com - Airspeed Podcast with Stephen Force

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Saturday, 27 Mar 2010

In this episode the crew discusses GPS approaches, while CfiStew asks MikeStuew three important questions relating to his GPS approach. We also discuss the pros and cons to ADF navigation, CFISTEW recalls stories of pilots doing illegal activities. PilotStu's steep spiral "clicks" and we learn why. Also tips and tricks for power off 180's, while MikeStuew uses the analogy, "My flight training was like going to catholic school."

The Garmin Auxiliary menu is where you look up RAIM prediction (whether RAIM is expected to be available for a given approach. The unit tells you when you lack RAIM.

Episode Links
RNAV (GPS) A Approach Plate for Arco-Butte (KAOC)

Story from Idaho Aviation Association newsletter on Gunshot Incident from back in the day:
    Sept 2007 and
    Oct. 2007

Links to Cabin Creek - Where you drop full flaps on downwind and Final is truly Final

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Monday, 22 Feb 2010

Episode 12 - Mike Hart (a.k.a Idaho Mike) joins a Pilot's Journey Podcast

In this episode our guest from Episode 9, transitions from guest to co-host. The crew discuss the adventure of Idaho Mike's first annual., the thrills of IFR training the joys of a long cross-country, the dreaded ATC "prepare to copy a phone number," and the joys of listening to others on ATC. Mike Hart
Mike Hart (a.k.a Idaho Mike)

Mike on a dry lakebed with his co-owned 1960 Cessna 182 (before the 1st annual)

Replaced Wings Ribs from N225M

EDM 830 egine display


ATC Calling, Please Take down this phone number....

Episode Links
EDM 830
Mile High Flyers
Plane Crazy Down Under

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Thursday, 28 Jan 2010

In this episode we talk to P.J. Gustafson, the Wings and Wheels Coordinator of The 1940 Air Terminal Museum at Houston’s Hobby Airport. He describes the museum, its events and the 1958 Cessna 175 being raffled off this year.

PJ In the left seat of N9379B

The 1940 Air Terminal Museum

2009-2010 Win-A-Plane prize

Future pilot

N9379B takes to the skies

IFR Equipped

Episode Links
1940 Air Terminal Museum web site
2009-2010 Win-A-Plane details
Flying Tigers Flight School
Max Tribolet Photography
Blair McFarlain Photography

Episode 11 - P.J. Gustafson of The 1940 Air Terminal Museum