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PJP #025 - Short Final for Las Vegas Blvd


Las Vegas Blvd A new Commercial Pilot! Hear the details of Mike's journey from new Instrument Pilot to Commercial Pilot in just over a week. Spurred on by Mikes achievement, Stu makes headway on his commercial ticket, and shares a new set of goals and opportunities for the coming months.
Product Reviews
Gleim Study Guides ASA Oral Exam Guide ASA Prepware iPad App
Mike used these study tools to prepare for the Commercial written and practical exams:
Gliem Study Guides, ASA Oral Exam Guide and ASA Prepware iPad App
Featured Site
Airplanista Magazine Airplanista Magazine: Sometimes serious. Sometimes humorous. Alwasy unpredictable.
Dan Pimentel (@Airplanista on Twitter) is the publisher of this fantasic resource. If you've not checked out Airplanista, you're really missing one of the best E-Mags around.

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